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Jonathan Adly

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Currently working on joyful.gifts - an automated gifting platform.


About Me

I wear a different hat depending on what needs to be done but really, I am just a lifelong learner who enjoys intellectual challenges. Developer, Pharmacist, Marketer, Podcaster. Jack of all trades, master of a few! Currently I am building Joyful.gifts while learning about algorithmic e-commerce as well as writing a book about historical Coptic church canons. Super interested in innovative health care technologies and will eventually learn how to use AI to make the world healthier.

Formal Credentials
  • PharmD + Post-Doctoral residency training
  • MBA in Marketing
  • Self-taught Developer
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Master of Business Administration
GPA: 4.0

PGY-1 Pharmacy Residency
Research: nucleotide analog inhibitors & hepatitis C

Doctor of Pharmacy
GPA: 3.7

History of the Copts

A Visual History Storyboard Inspired by a Podcast

Coptic Voice

A non-profit organization to amplify the voice of the Copts

a gifting platform

An automated gifting platform.

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